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 About Meadow Creek Farm


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 Meadow Creek Farm is a beautiful small family farm located in the Laurel Highlands, close Pittsburg and the surrounding area. Conviently located in the beautiful Laurel Highlands close to camp grounds and ski resorts.

Purchased in 1936, we are a 4th generation farm dedicated to producing top quality Angus beef, homegrown pork and fresh farm eggs. A team of horses and a cook stove were replaced with the arrival of electricity in 1946. A old-fashioned barn raising was held in 1951 and a new dairy barn was built in just 3 days by 100 neighbors and friends.

The farm has seen many changes over the years but the biggest change for our family was replacing our dairy herd with beef cattle in 2017. We now focus on raising Angus /Semintal beef, known for producing high quality beef with great flavor and tenderness. We offer meat packages and freezer beef by the half or quarter or pick up your favorite cuts here at the farm. Order can be placed online for fast and easy pickup.

Meadow Creek Farm has always been committed to raising quality animals in humane ways, without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones. Mommas and their babies are moved outside as soon as the weather permits in early spring to enjoy the spring grasses. Even the youngest calves are hardy enough to tolerate an early spring snow and start grazing at an early age. We rotate our pastures to insure a plentiful supply of quality grasses and provide free choice feeders of mineral supplements and supply high quality hay as needed. This produces cattle with slick shiny coats and fat playful calves.

CalfOur steers are finished with a limited supply of ground grain raised here on the farm with lots of high quality hay. Cattle that are grain finished produce meat that is well marbled, tender and flavorful and high in healthy Omega 3 fatty acids. No hormones or antibiotics are ever used. It is dry aged for 14 days in a USDA meat processing plant, cut, vacuum packed and frozen.   We have raised our beef this way for over 70 years and it is a tried and true recipe for premium flavorful and tender beef







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Our pigs are also fed with ground grains raised here on the farm. No growth hormones are needed to grow great pork. They also enjoy garden scraps, left over sweet corn, apples, and they are always looking for treats.

We have a wide variety of delicious sausages loose and linked, pork chops and smoked ham and bacon.Local whole of halves of unfrozen smoked ham can be pre-ordered for the holidays as well as prime rib and turkey thur our butcher and picked up at the farm in time for your holiday meal.


Quality Naturally Raised Meats!

Our beef is are:

1. Raised on quaility grasses, hay and mineral supplements without the use of hormones or antibiotics.

2. Grain finished to ensure  flavorful, tender cut of beef.

3. Processed by a USDA inspected meat processor.             

4. Dry aged (allowed to hang for 14-21 days) to enhance the flavor and tenderness of the meat.

5. Cut and vacuum sealed and frozen to ensure the quality and flavor of the meat.                   

We have a wonderful butcher who processes our meat according to our or your instructions. The sausage is flavored just right and the hams and bacon are smoked and cured to perfection. They help our customers get their meat packaged to fit the needs off their family and they will also answer any questions you might have.


Welcome to Meadow Creek Farm Market

In  2009 we opened our farm store which is now located here on the farm. Our freezers are full of Angus beef, homegrown pork, naturally raised chicken and lamb. We have cage free eggs and fresh sweet corn. Straw and hay are available all year long. You may also like our farmhouse soaps and lotion or our country burlap wreaths.

We are also proud to offer products from other nearby farms which gives us chance to feed your family the same local, naturally raised food that we feed ours family. Jams & Jellies, local maple syrup, raw honey, and farmstead cheeses are only some of the products that we have from neighboring farms. We belong to the Pa Prefferd Program which supports Pa farm products and also support the  PA's  Farm Markst Nutrition Program which provides vouchers to seniors and qualifying families  to purchase fresh local produce during the growing season.                                    

                Let our farmers feed your family! We look forward to having you as a part of the Meadow Creek Farm & Farm Market family                                                                                                                                                                                                            






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