Angus Simental Beef
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New from Meadow Creek Farm

Quarterly Buyers Advantage Group

Quarters -- January to March                    Shares:     Small          $150 +$15 bonus bucks   $165 in buyer's account 

                 April to June.                                         Medium       $225 + $20 bonus bucks   $245 in buyer's account

                 July to September                                  Large          $300 + $25 bonus bucks   $325 in buyer's account

                 October to December

                 Starting Dec.1st                                                                  Deadline for sign up is Dec. 1st 2022


Prepay your share of your choice to gain the bonus credit. For each 3 month quarter, place monthly online orders for whatever you want from our inventory, drawing against your balance.


Renew one month before the next quarter begins to reserve your place.


Choose from one of the choices below and we will add extra money to your account.

Purchase online or pay by check, credit card or cash at the farm. We will create a buyers account for you with your deposit plus add an extra bonus amount.


Space is limited to 10 shares. Signup now to reserve your place.


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